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Mobile Power Technology Principle

Kingberry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 09, 2018

Core Technology

The core technology of mobile power is to smooth the discharge current and voltage curve when charging the mobile phone. It is related to whether it will damage the important technical indicators of the charging device. This discharge curve test must look at the authoritative test report of the third party.

For mobile power, it has certain emergency functions. In the case that many digital power sources cannot be stored, power can be supplied through some devices to make digital products work normally. Such as solar mobile power sources appearing in the market, mobile power supplies for hand-cranked generators, and standby power supplies for smart phones.

The technical nature of the mobile power supply means that the design of the product is incorporated into the public or minority aesthetic of the consumer. As an electronic product that is portable and has a certain function, consumers pay great attention to the aesthetic appearance of the appearance, so mainstream manufacturers not only increase the battery power management technology innovation, but also increase the appearance of products that meet the consumer aesthetics. .

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